That’s how I feel. I’ve had four days of eating a load of sugar and I feel awful. My skin looks awful. My stomach looks like I’ve put on a kilo. I probably have.

My period is imminent. Work is crazy and life is so busy. There’s nothing wrong with any of it, but at the moment I feel like it all just sucks. All of it. Too much, too overwhelming, too everything.

I was doing so well.

It’s the SUGAR. It derails every other plan and system I put in place. It is a true addiction and I have got to break it.

I’m going to try again tomorrow. Get back up, dust myself down. Don’t lose three weeks of hard work over this.

1. Eat three meals a day
2. Stay away from sugary food
3. Drink water earlier in the day
4. Get enough sleep
5. Move my body

It’s not rocket science. It’s not a punishing health/fitness regime. It’s not anti-social, restrictive or weird.

It’s all I need to do to feel a million times better than I do now.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I am going to tell sugar we’re over. There’s no room in my life for you anymore. It’s been fun, but you are not good for me and you make me feel bad about myself. We really are done.


Horrible rash

This is a rash I have been suffering from for over a year now. I have all sorts of horrible health complaints, but this one is particularly embarrasing. This rash is actually on the underside of my breast.

I have tried antifungal creams (two types) with limited success – it calms down but never goes away and just comes back with a vengeance once I stop using the cream. It doesn’t look especially bad (as internet rashes go), but it itches like crazy and it’s driving me mad (I am writing this at 1am).

The other thing is that it runs right up to my nipple and I am still breastfeeding twice a day so I can’t really use any antifungal cream over the whole area properly because I’m worried about the baby ingesting it. Sigh.

So, I suspect it’s some kind of candida infection. It started soon after I started breastfeeding – a little bit of milk would leak and run under the breast when I fed on that side.

I know that reducing sugar intake is probably the key thing in getting rid of this. I eat so much sugary food that my sugary blood supply is probably feeding the rash subcutaneously (yeah, I just made that up, but it sounds entirely possible to me).

I’m working on that (finally – why did I put off this self-care journey for so long?). I’m also going to try some extra virgin coconut oil on it, as I can apply it liberally without worrying about my little one.