Day 3 – Supplements

I’m following Patrick Holford’s advice on supplements (see my resources page) for the next two months, while I work on getting my diet sorted out.

Patrick Holford says that supplements should supplement a good diet, not be a substitute for it. My diet has been fairly crap for a long time, so I’m starting with the high-ish doses that he recommends for lowering homocysteine levels and reducing the inflammation in arthritis (I have a homocysteine test on order, but don’t know how long the results will be and don’t want to delay starting my quest).

Homocysteine factors

Zinc picolinate 22mg (started 3 Apr 17)
Folate – ordered
B2 – (started 6 Apr 17)
B6 – (started 6 Apr 17)
B12 – (started 6 Apr 17)
TMG – (started 6 Apr 17)
Chelated Magnesium:Calcium 2:1 – ordered (magnesium for homocysteine, calcium for joints)

Joint support

Vitamin D – 1000IU
Boswellia – 400mg. Dropped to 200mg from 09.05.17
Niacinamide – 500mg. Dropped to 250mg from 09.05.17
DHA, EPA – 668mg, 332mg
(All started 3 Apr 17)


Vitamin K as K1 and K2 – 75ug (started 3 Apr 2017)