The tagline says it all.

I’m in chronic pain, have osteoarthritis, and numerous other health complaints. I’m 42 and ageing rapidly. I’ve got three children I can barely keep up with.

I have a compound MTHFR mutation (mutation on two genes), which means I am a bad methylator and don’t absorb folate very efficiently (I had 9 miscarriages when we were building our family, but didn’t find out about the MTHFR mutation until after I’d almost done myself in bringing three babies into the world).

I’m banking on that being the main reason for my ridiculously bad health when I should be in the prime of life.

I have a secret plan to get amazingly, draw-droppingly fit (did you know that autocorrect wanted to make that jaw-droopingly? Huh.)

Why secret?

Because I am terrified of failure, so I daren’t tell anyone in real life that I have plans to outfox middle age.

Welcome to my secret blog where I will be sharing my successes and failures along the way.

Join me – we can do this together!