Day 31

I  am one month into my plan. Things are different, definitely. My joint pain has reduced, I’ve started eating meals instead of snacking, I’ve even been running again I’ve felt that good physically.

But my mood is still dreadful a lot of the time. I gave up sugar 12 days ago. I’ve just had two nights of bad sleep (my 1 year old waking on the first night and stupid insomnia on the second night). This morning I was a mess. I was desperate for a sugar fix (turns out tiredness is a big trigger for me) and tearful and exhausted.

Thankfully the husband took the three children out so I could get some extra sleep – I slept two hours! Then I did a run and the weekly grocery shop – I felt like a new person after that. I am still irritable though. My tolerance for the kids misbehaving is really low. I want to break out of this soon – I have googled sugar withdrawal relentlessly but it’s hard to find scientific rather than anecdotal evidence. My mood should improve within 2-4 weeks of stopping the sugar is about the best I can find, which seems like fucking ages given I have just managed to get through day 12.


Onward. Step by step.


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