I’m on my eighth day of no sugar. Primarily I am feeling:


I am so bad tempered. Yesterday I was just so fed up and my fuse was so short – there wasn’t even anything wrong, I just felt angry. I know it isn’t hormonal as I’m in the first half of my cycle (god help me if I get to the end of the month and still feel like this because my PMS has been dreadful the last two months). It seems that this is just a phase while my neurotransmitters sort themselves out, but it’s bloody awful. The last two days especially have been bad. My internet research tells me my mood will improve considerably after the two week mark. This is probably what prompted me to:

Quit Facebook

I deactivated my account. I didn’t bother to tell anyone, I just deactivated it and haven’t gone back. I was so fed up with it. It’s such a pointless waste of time. I have kind of missed it, but I have also noticed how much time in between doing other stuff I was just wasting scrolling through my feed. Hurrah! Free of it all. And on a more positive note:

My appetite seems to have diminished

When I first stopped eating sugar, I ate MASSIVE meals. I was starving. I made sure I ate enough that I wouldn’t want to snack, but to fill my bottomless pit of a stomach required huge portions and several courses. Before I was eating these massive meals, I was just eating massive quantities of sugar.

Well, that seems to have rapidly tailed off. I am not craving sugar so badly in the mornings now (in fact, it seems like ages ago I would stop at the shop every day to buy two chocolate bars after breakfast, although it has only been a week), and I’ve noticed that I am feeling more and more full on less food. It’s like my body has realised that it isn’t as hungry as it thought it was. Another bonus is that:

Food tastes better

It really does! It almost feels like I can taste more than I could a week ago. For lunch today, for example, I ate a massive tuna salad and the first few mouthfuls were total bliss. I don’t even like tuna that much, but it was all I could find to go with the few wilted salad bits I had left in the fridge. Everything just tastes really nice. Which is great. And I have also noticed some progress on my:


Okay, so my breast rash (man, it just sounds so embarrassing even saying it), I think is looking better. The top photo is today, the bottom is a week ago:

And more surprisingly, because I wasn’t even really thinking anything would change, is that the so far incurable fungal infection on my toe looks loads better (today on the top, last week on the bottom). I haven’t put anything on it, or done anything else to my diet other than cut out sugar:

Finally, I am still working on:


I did a run today, 3.94km in 31:34. It’s not fast, and the wind was f*cking freezing (considering it’s the end of April), but I almost cannot believe that I can actually even do this. At the end of last year, my toe joints were so bad that I couldn’t put my shoes on without pain. I was limping, not walking. Today, I ran. Yes, there was a bit of pain in my feet, especially the right foot, all the way around, but the fact I can run at all is incredible.

I am still taking all the supplements and the joint pain in my thumbs in now negligible. I can still feel it if I try to stress the joint, but it’s not affecting me daily like it was (I couldn’t undo lids, or get the seatbelt on the kids without pain). I think the lack of sugar has also made a difference. I know that sugar is inflammatory, so I should have cut it out before, but you know how it is. Life, right? Anyway, no sugar and the supplements meant I ran further than I thought I would today and it felt amazing. I can’t wait to go out again.


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