Day 22

I’m 3 days into giving up the chocolate and treats and it has been manageable. My cravings were bad this morning and yesterday morning. The afternoons are easier. I’ve made sure I’ve eaten a decent meal at breakfast and lunch to try and curtail the urge to snack.

Yesterday the headache set in, but it hasn’t been bad enough for me to take a painkiller. I’ve still got the headache – it will probably be about day 5 before it goes away properly.

I haven’t been as irritable as I have on previous sugar-withdrawal occasions, but I have been extremely tired. And the rash on my breast has been, if anything, worse.

On the plus side I have also felt somehow better. I’ve wanted to do some exercise for the first time in months (helped greatly by my arthritic joint pain easing somewhat). Going for a run (well, a walk with a few jogs), felt both reassuring and fragile. My foot is still so bad, but the rest of me loved that loose, easy feeling of running along.

Did I mention that in a fit of delusion last year I entered the Great South Run? It’s a 10 mile race I’ve done twice in the last seven years. I know I am crazy thinking I might be able to train for it in my arthritic state, but I am thinking that maybe I could start and see where I am in a few months. Think positive, right? 


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