Day 20

My joint pain is improving. Not just ‘I think it is,’ more like ‘It definitely is.’

My thumbs hurt less when I use my hands to do everything. And this evening I realised that standing up at the end of the day when I’ve been sitting on the sofa isn’t as painful. I don’t have to slowly unfold myself feeling like my hips are going to get stuck or crack under sudden movement. Tonight it was just hip pain, not frozen-hip-and-every-other-joint pain. The supplements are actually helping.

Today was also day 1 of no sugar. I made sure to eat a reasonable sized breakfast and lunch. I did it. No headaches so far, and only mild cravings.

The body responds slowly, that much I know (I’m three weeks in almost and very little has changed so far). But my motivation is still high. I have a long way to go and I am looking forward to the journey.


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