The Six Week Sugar Escape Plan

In six weeks I go back to Dr A with my breast rash. I am hoping it will be gone (or as near as) by then as I am cutting all sugar and chocolate out of my diet.

I will take a photograph of the rash each week so I can see if anything is happening. My (crazy?) theory is that the high levels of sugar I am consuming are somehow feeding it. It itches and looks either fungal or possibly eczema-ish (and has not responded to various topical medicines). Either way, I know a high sugar diet is bad news for skin.

I have paracetamol ready for the inevitable headaches, and I am clearing the cupboards out tonight.

In six weeks I’m hoping to:

1. Have a rash-free boob and,
2. Have lost the taste for the evil sweet stuff

Oh – one more thing. Since we’re baring all here with confessions and rashes and everything, here is my right foot:

Another rash. This one is fungal – it covered all my toes last year. Terbinafine cleared most of it but I can’t quite get rid off the bit around my nail. Maybe my sugar break up will starve that rash too. One can only hope, right?

Wish me luck because I’m going to need it. 

Sugar withdrawal is a bitch – just try it yourself for a month if you think I’m being melodramatic. I start tomorrow.


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