My Breast Rash Is Just A Rash

After 90 minutes at the breast clinic, a lot of prodding and poking, and an ultrasound (suspected nodule, but looked fine on scan), I have been declared fit and well, with no evidence of tissue changes. Hurrah!!

I am super pleased. I do have a follow up in six weeks to get to the bottom of this rash. The consultant asked when I was planning to stop breastfeeding and also to try a 0.5% hydrocortisone cream. Hmm. I am anti-steroid, but I said I could (I probably won’t). 

He said if that doesn’t help, they could do a biospy of around 3mm and see if that tells them anything. I don’t much like the sound of a 3mm hole punch in my breast skin either.

That aside, I came away feeling very grateful.

But I also want rid of this rash, and it really made me think about how easy it is to end up in that waiting room with a diagnosis that no one wants to hear.

This afternoon I realised that it’s time to make a proper change. I’ve declared the start of my journey. I’ve set up a supplement routine to hopefully boost me out of pain. I’ve checked out a problem that’s been bothering me for a year. I’m 19 days in and it’s time for a more serious commitment to dietary change.

I thought about what to do. Give up wine? Give up sugar?

I am crap at moderation, so I think it just has to be complete cold turkey. I don’t think I can do the wine just yet. And the sugar is the worst offender, by a long way.

So I’m going to stop eating it. No cake, no choc, no sweets, no pastries, no sugary drinks. I want it out of my life.

I have bought some paracetamol to get through the first few days (I get vicious withdrawal headaches when I stop eating chocolate/sugar). I reckon six weeks in my taste buds will adapt, my cravings will dissipate and I won’t want it all the time.

I can do this.

And just maybe quitting sugar will starve whatever the breast-rash is and get rid of it for good, just in time for me to go back and see Dr A and tell him I am fine and need neither a steroid nor a biopsy.


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