My Doctor Is An Idiot

The conversation went a bit like this:

I have a rash on my breast and my nipple is a slightly darker colour than it used to be.

Can I take a look?

I bare all.

Hmm. I’ll have to fact check, but the breast clinic want to check out any changes like this in case of breast disease. Let’s have a look…. ah, it says non-responsive eczema. Let’s try some dactakort and you can come back in a week if it’s no better and I’ll refer you.

Isn’t that an antifungal? I said I’ve already tried clotrimazole and terbinafine.

It is, and it contains a mild steroid. I’ll just give you the steroid then.

Hold on, what will happen when I stop using the steroid? Won’t it just come back?

Yes. But you can just use a moisturiser. 

I’m not really happy about using steroids, at all.

A dermatologist told me that he has never seen any side effects whatsoever from using hydrocortisone on the skin.

[WTF? Is he living in a hole? The problems with long term use of topical steroids are well documented. At this point I realise the man was going to be of no use whatsoever. What kind of idiot says the words “breast disease” and then sends the patient away with a steroid?]

I have a 1 year old daughter. If there is any chance at all, no matter how small, ANY chance, then I would like to be referred.

Okay then. But there might be a few raised eyebrows.

I don’t care about raised eyebrows. (Because when was the last time raised eyebrows were a good reason to NOT get breast changes checked out?)

And that was that.

I should be seen within two weeks, which is the UK urgent referal timeline.

When I got home the husband and I dug out Bupa and I called them. I am covered, but they need a referal so I had to call back the surgery to get info on the type of consultant I needed to see.

I am still waiting on that, so at present I have neither an NHS referal or a private one. I’m just waiting and trying not to be super-stressed and frustrated.


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