Breast Check Up Tomorrow

Bupa are great. The lady from the surgery called me back and gave me the info I needed. I called Bupa and I’m seeing a consultant, Mr A, at the breast clinic tomorrow at 12:30pm.

That’s pretty quick.

9/10 referals to the breast clinic are NOT cancerous. I’ve googled my rash until my eyes ache and I think I either have some kind of topical dermatitis of the breast, or inflammatory breast cancer. There’s no in between.

Personally I think it looks more like a dermatitis, but the doc was obviously bothered enough that he suspected cancerous changes else I wouldn’t have gotten an urgent referal (within 2 weeks on NHS).

I’m trying not to let that bother me.

I had the same weird (yet erroneous on that occasion), confidence that everything was okay when I was pregnant in 2012. I found out at 11.5 weeks that my baby had no heartbeat. I don’t think I can describe the crushing shock I felt. The absolutely trickery my body pulled on me. Hopefully this won’t be another example of faith in the wrong thing, and I’ll be walking out of the clinic tomorrow, smiling away, with nothing but a tube of cream for my left boob.


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