Doctor Appointment 

The rash on my breast is getting worse and the itching is driving me crazy. I have managed to book a next day appointment, for tomorrow morning, which is almost unheard of at our surgery. I think I did try to book something months ago, but it was at least a four day wait and then at a time I couldn’t do (taking three children into the tiny room while I discuss my breast is not really an option, and I didn’t want to ask the husband to take time off work for it because he has already had to do that on numerous occasions for other things), so I just left it.

However, it really is getting worse and I know I need to get it cleared up. Having already tried clotrimazole and terbinafine, I googled it, but the results are fairly alarmist, so it’s better that I get a human eye on things.

My doctor changed at Christmas, and I haven’t met the new one yet. I don’t really like going to the doctor and have all sorts of vague hangups about it, but sometimes you just have to put everything to one side and get things sorted.

I’ve been eating glutenous foods this week (I have ceoliac disease – always finding new ways to torture my poor body). I’ve had dreadful wind and mucusy digestion. It’s not nice at all and I am a complete idiot for doing it, but it’s also the last few days of my cycle and the children are on school holidays, so I’m using food as a (fairly ineffective) coping mechanism.

My two boys are bickering to the point that I want to scream at them (and have done). Baby Boo is crying over car seat and pram because she wants to walk (which she will only do if I hold both her hands for balance). I’m tired, worn out, snappy and irritable. I’m a crap mother at times like this.

And I’ll be honest. I’m worried about what the doctor will say tomorrow, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve left this rash for so long.


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