Making Meal Planning Work

I’m still battling with sugar. Some days I have a little less. I’m buying less chocolate, but it’s Easter, so there’s just a lot more around anyway.

What I have done though, is create a meal plan. 28 days worth of dinners. It’s taken the best part of a week to pull it together, but I already feel like this time it might actually work.

Of course, I have tried meal planning in the past, but after doing it for a week or two it would get harder and harder to think of what to eat and I’d buy more and more ready-food until I eventually gave up.

And we seemed to always be eating the same things for dinner, which I hated. Meal planning took up time that I didn’t have and seemed to stop me from trying new recipes.

This time I’ve gone with a different approach. I decided I could eat the same meal once a month, so why didn’t I just plan 4 weeks worth and then repeat it?

I made a list of all the meals we eat that I really like, then I supplemented that with some new recipes to try and some other very basic ready-food ones that I plan to upgrade as we go on.

At the beginning of the week I started cooking. This first month will be a test of the plan – I need to cook my way through it and make sure every meal is:

  1. Not too fiddly
  2. Really nice to eat
  3. Something the children like (or can hopefully learn to like)

I’m also using up things in the fridge and cupboard, so I’m skipping about a bit to start.

So far, we’ve just had our second week of the year where we’ve only had one takeaway, and our first week of the year where every other dinner has been cooked from scratch.

I’m feeling really positive and like I might actually be able to stay with the plan. It will remove SO much meal stress for me, and we’ll be eating better and saving money too.


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