Separating Meal Prep and Cooking

I did something different today. I prepped all the food for dinner while the baby slept at lunch. It turns out that food prep is not too much of a chore. And cooking dinner is not too much of a chore either (it took a record 12 minutes to get chinese chicken and rice on the table tonight). 

Together they ARE a chore. The prep, the cooking, the cleaning up… all just so you can spend 5 minutes getting something in your stomach. Man. 

But separate? I felt so organised and the cooking part was so clean and quick and easy. Maybe I have found the solution: prep early in the day. 

It also takes any decision making away at dinner time. No getting a takeaway because all the food is ready to go.

I haven’t had chocolate for two days. I had three cookies today, but my sugar cravings are quite noticeable so I think they aren’t spiking my blood sugar like shop chocolate. Coconut sugar is apparently lower GI. Two days down, yay!


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