Day 8

I slept for 1hr 45 today (thanks to the husband who took the kids out to the supermarket to get some food), and I’m still exhausted at 9pm (now). I didn’t have ANY chocolate today for the first time in months and months. I did eat three home made cookies though (~45g sugar).

So hard to say no to the sweet stuff when I crave it so much. And what is this exhaustion all about? I’ve been in bed before 9pm three times this week. Maybe all the supplements are making me tired because my body finally has some material it can use to repair itself? It’s not unusual for me to be up half the night with insomnia so this is quite odd. I do wonder how many consecutive hours I would actually sleep if nothing disturbed me.

I think my joint pain might be just the teensiest bit better, you know. I have good days and bad days though, so perhaps I’m just having a good day.

Anyway, need sleep now.


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