Maybe I Need More Practice

Not to be deterred, next on the list were Pistachio and Date Cookies, from Madeleine Shaw’s Get The Glow.

These were so promising. Hard work to mix, but I followed the recipe to the letter.

Things started to go wrong when the instructions said make 12 walnut sized balls. I had enough mix for double that, so I went with 16 largish balls. They were to be cooked for 8 minutes at Gas Mark 3 (really? Can anything cook at that temp in eight minutes?).

Mine, predictably, were still almost liquid after 8 minutes, so I left them in for another 10. They spread out into each other and were nothing like the picture (mine top, Madeleine’s bottom).

Once cooled they did actually turn into cookies, albiet paler and smoother.

The taste test

Oh my. These are great. Really great. I heart coconut sugar, hahaha! But they are VERY sweet, even for a hardened sugar addict like me.

To compare, two of these cookies (if you make 16), will give you 30g sugar. Ouch. That’s more than the 27g I get in a Yorkie. So they are not exactly healthy, but I suppose they are better than a Yorkie in terms of ingredients.

Today I did have a Yorkie as well (I had an awful sugar withdrawal headache by 1pm so I bought one because I can’t handle the three children with a banging head), so my sugar total today is around 42g (one yorkie, one cookie and a slice of gluten free cake with no sugar that I’m not counting).

I’ll aim for less tomorrow. Sigh.


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