Where Do I Start?

I’ve got the supplements. My diet is next. My really crappy diet.

Last month I spent £45 on sweets, treats and alcohol (I tracked my spending for the first time in ages). In the first three months of this year, we had 25 takeaways. That’s almost one every three days.


I am shocked by my own habits.

So I know that thinking about it, writing about it, reading about it – none of theses things will help. What I actually have to do is DO SOMETHING. I have to DO SOMETHING and get started on this journey for real, not just take some extra vitamins and think that I’m doing something.

The biggest problems are:

  1. Takeaway food
  2. Sugar
  3. Alcohol

Out of those, alcohol is probably a lesser issue. I drink a glass, or just under, most nights (ok, every night). But very rarely do I have more. I have a very moderate drinking problem – too much gives me a headache and stops me sleeping, so it’s kind of self-limiting.

The other two problems are big problems.

I love takeaway food as much as I hate having to cook. And sugar – my sugar addiction is completely out of control, and I know it.

Most days I consume at least two bars of chocolate, plus any number of other sweet treats and bits and bobs. Sometimes I reckon I get 1,000+ calories from chocolate and hot chocolate before lunch, and then I eat hardly anything until dinner. It’s a dreadful, dreadful way to eat and it’s something that has crept up on me gradually.

And do you know what happens next week? Easter.

All the more chocolate for me. I am looking forward to it and hating the idea all at the same time.

So I think the first thing I need to tackle is the sugar. Sugar ages you, destroys your body and causes inflammation. It’s terrible for arthritis.

My sugar addiction kicks in soon after breakfast. With my first cup of tea I like to have a chocolate bar. I’ll have a second bar straight after.

I can’t just stop this habit, there is no way I’d make it through a day. So, I have to replace it with something.

But then there is the problem of Easter. What am I going to do? Do I wait until Easter has gone and then start? Do I start now and ignore Easter? Or do I start now, eat chocolate at Easter and then attempt to pick myself up off the floor and get back on the wagon?

It all just seems so overwhelming, I don’t even want to think about it 😦

But I must. Because I am killing myself eating this way.

There is always going to be something – Easter, Christmas, birthdays, etc. There will always be chocolate on offer. So I think I need to just take it in my stride. It shouldn’t stop me from starting right now with healthier habits.

So I’m going to set out some rules.

  1. No sweet stuff after midday. This one is not too difficult, because I only really crave it in the mornings anyway. I’ve never been one for big desserts at the end of the day, but I have noticed my sweet habit creeping further and further into the day, so I need to stop this one right now. No more treats (that’s cake, sweets, chocolates or sweet drinks), in the afternoons, while I’m cooking the kids tea, or in the evenings after dinner.
  2. I have to make healthy versions of sweet treats if I want to eat them. I absolutely HAVE to get over my hatred of cooking, so I might as well get this started right now. I’m going to gather together some recipes to try and start making them. Then I can eat my own sweet treats instead of shop bought crappy chocolate.
  3. Maximum of one Costa trip each week. Costa hot chocolates have gotten ridiculous. I remember when I was younger I didn’t drink hot chocolate very often because I found it too cloying and sugary. Now I’d drink it daily if I could. And my family are the same – we’re always in there buying the stuff. It’s a shit example for my children, and it’s shit for my health, so we need to cut this right down.
  4. Dealing with Easter: save any chocolate I get until Easter Sunday. In the morning have a chocolate feast. Once I feel sick, chuck the rest in the bin to get it out of the house.

There, I feel better already.

Time for me to go and look up some goto treat recipes, because I’m going to be needing them.


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